A picture to know what UHMWPE fiber is

What is UHMWPE fiber?

UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber, made from polyethylene with molecular weight of 1 million to 5 million, with the highest specific strength, the highest specific modulus and the lightest specific gravity in the world, is one of the three top high-performance fibers today, which includes aramid fiber, carbon fiber and UHMWPE fiber.

Comparison of Strength and Density of Several Fibers

(Dyneema® is UHMWPE fiber)

Characteristics of UHMWPE fiber

♦UHMWPE fiber was first commercialized by Royal DSM N.V. in the late 1970s.
♦One of the three high-tech fibers (carbon fiber, aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber) in the world.

The fiber has the following excellent properties:

  • Ultra high strength
  • Light weight
  • Great impact resistance
  • Great electrical insulation
  • Great thermal conductivity
  • Great chemical corrosion resistance
  • Great UV resistance

The disadvantages of UHMWPE fiber are low heat resistance (the melting temperature under stress is 145 ℃ – 160 ℃), a little poor compressibility, flammability and creep.

Synthesis technologies of UHMWPE fiber

The method of gel spinning – hot stretching has become a relatively developed industrial production technology. According to the different solvents, it can be divided into dry synthesis (ten naphthalene and other high volatile solvents, represented by DSM / Toyobo) and wet synthesis (mineral oil, white oil and other low volatile solvents, represented by Honeywell / Mitsui Chemicals).

Compared with wet spinning process, dry spinning has the advantages of short process, environmental protection and high comprehensive performance index of products.

Applications of UHMWPE fiber


Rope Fabric


Marine industry

Mooring, trawling, towing, offshore aquaculture, offshore oil production and seabed acquisition Offshore oil retaining dike, fishing trawl, purse seine, deep-sea aquaculture cage

Hull and components

Military equipment

Sea mine laying net, parachute rope Soft bulletproof clothing, parachute, camouflage net

Tank armor plate, light armored vehicle body, aircraft, armed helicopter armor plate, automobile bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet, etc

Safety protection

Anti cutting gloves, anti cutting work clothes, stab proof clothes

Ballistic helmet, high-performance ballistic plate, ballistic shield


Mountaineering rope, fishing line, racket net wire, kite rope, bow string Sail, blowing boat, fencing suit

Rowing, archery bow, ski, hockey stick, fishing rod


Air ship sea rescue net, parachute rope

Structural parts in aircraft cabin and cockpit safety protection door

Medical care

Surgical suture, artificial muscle Medical gloves

X-ray room anti shielding workbench

Construction industry

Cargo sling Protective and cargo lifting net

Safety helmet


Flexible container, lifting rope, vehicle traction rope, balloon pull rope, helicopter lifting rope, stone filled net bag, optical cable reinforcing core Blanket, conveyor belt

Wireless transmitting fairing

Applied examples

Body Armor and Armored Car

UHMWPE fiber body armor UHMWPE fiber armored car

Anti Cutting Gloves

UHMWPE fiber anti cutting gloves

Mooring and Lifting Band

UHMWPE fiber mooring UHMWPE fiber lifting band

Fishing Line

UHMWPE fiber fishing line UHMWPE fiber fishing-line
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