What is the function of ballistic shields?

As the development of the protection industry, many kinds of safety protection products are changing with each passing day. The function, appearance and usage of the ballistic shields are improving.

The latest multi-functional shield can be used in attack and defense. It can effectively resist the attack of sticks, axes, blades and other sharp tools, for protecting the user’s head and other important internal organs. It has the functions of anti cutting, stab resistance, bulletproof, attack, window breaking and so on.

The outstanding performance of materials enables the shield to be used all day and ensure the safety of the shield under the temperature conditions of -20 ℃ to 55 ℃.

Types of Ballistic Shields

The ballistic shields are divided into hand-held style and combined style according to the shields structures. In more detail, they can be divided into ordinary hand-held ballistic shield, folding ballistic shield, briefcase ballistic shield, ladder ballistic shield and cart ballistic shield.

Also, they can be divided into metal, non-metal and composite according to the materials. At present, there are many materials that can be used to make bulletproof shields, including Aramid (Kevlar), polyethylene (UHMWPE), ceramics and steel.

Who can use a tactical ballistic shield?


What types of ballistic shields are there?