How to choose suitable bulletproof vest?

1. Consider usage scenarios
Different types of bulletproof vests are suitable for different occasions, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate bulletproof vest according to your own usage situation. For example, if you need to engage in high-intensity exercise or action, you need to choose lightweight and flexible soft bulletproof vests while ensuring safety.

2. Choose the appropriate bulletproof level
The bulletproof level is an important indicator for measuring the protective ability of bulletproof vests. According to the threat that needs to be defended, the bulletproof level can be divided into different levels such as NIJ Level IIIA, NIJ Level III, NIJ IV, etc. Choosing the appropriate bulletproof level can avoid excessive spending while ensuring safety.

3. Understand the materials of bulletproof vests
Different bulletproof materials have different properties, and different materials can be selected according to needs. For example, materials such as tungsten steel, UHMWPE, and Kevlar are common bulletproof materials. Understanding the performance of materials can provide reference for selecting suitable bulletproof vests.

4. Try on before purchase
The size and fit of bulletproof vests have a significant impact on their protective effect. It is best to try on the bulletproof vest before purchase to ensure that it fits well and the protective area is intact. At the same time, check if there are any quality issues

5. Choose products from reputable manufacturers
Bulletproof vests are special protective equipment, and we need to purchase them from reputable manufacturers. The products of legitimate manufacturers have higher quality assurance and can also provide relevant after-sales service.

What is the bulletproof material?

The bulletproof layers are made of metal (special steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy), ceramic sheet (corundum, boron carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide), FRP, nylon (PA), Aramid (Kevlar), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (doyentrontex fiber), liquid protective material, polyimide fiber (PI) and other materials to form a single or composite protective structure.

Weidu’s bulletproof layers are divided into two main types, the soft armor and the hard armor. The soft plate is mainly made of UHMWPE or Kevlar. And the hard plate is mainly made of aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or boron carbide. The bulletproof layer can absorb the kinetic energy of warhead or shrapnel, has obvious protective effect on low-speed warhead or shrapnel, and can reduce the damage to human chest and abdomen under the condition of controlling a certain depression.