Inner Bulletproof Vest from WEIDU PROTECTION

WEIDU PROTECTION manufactures  an inner bulletproof vest. It is with two pcs of UHMWPE or aramid bulletproof soft panesls. Usually a black uv proof and waterproof cover protects the ballistic layers. Our inner vest can be wear under coats, so it is invisible from outside. This is really helpful when users don’t want to be known for wearing body armors.

This inner vest can protect front, rear and sides.

protection level: GA2, GA3, NIJ IIIA

Material: UHMWPE, aramid

Color of vest: black, white, customization

Test report:GA 141-2010 “Police Body Armor”, NIJ Standard-0101.06 Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor

It can also be with stab-proof soft panels, or bulletproof and stab-proof soft panels.