Anti Riot Steel Serrated Arm Shield with Flashlight

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  • Normal size is 700mm*300mm.
  • Light weight: ≤2.1kg.
  • Material is steel.
  • Custom protection level which is up to NIJ IV or even higher.
  • Attached options flashlight in the front to draw attention.
  • Indentation for returning fire on the upper side. It permits the shooter to return fire while still having the maximum coverage of the shield available to their bodies.
  • Serrated U-shaped top. During the fight, the gangster’s arm can be stuck by the U-shaped top. And the serration design can increase friction and offensive for preventing the gangster from escaping the control.
  • Glass break heads. The sharp heads can be used to break windows or to attack.
  • Customization is accepted.
  • For law enforcement, police, military, civilians use.
  • Acquired certification of ISO9001 . Ballistic test reports with authority. Product quality is guaranteed.

Product Details

Name Arm Shield
Color Black
Material Steel
Weight ≤2.1kg
Protection Area 0.21m²
Size 700mm*300mm
Characteristic Anti riot, anti rust, anti knife cutting, anti stick strike, anti-corrosion
Components Flashlight, shooting hole, serrated U-shaped top, window break heads.

Customization is accepted. 

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