Bulletproof Cut Abrasion Resistant High Tensile Wire UHMWPE Fiber

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  • The UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) fiber is one of the three high performance fibers. It has used in the UD fabric of soft and hard body armors.
  • Super tensile resistance. UHMWPE fiber is the third generation of special fiber, with strength up to over 30cN/dtex, and the specific strength is the highest among chemical fibers.
  • Light weight, floating in water. UHMWPE fiber density is low, which is 0.97g/cm³.
  • Corrosion and aging resistance. The UHMWPE fiber’s structure is dense and has strong chemical inertia. Seawater, strong acid-base solution and organic solvent have no effect on its strength. At the same time, it has excellent weather aging resistance and UV resistance.
  • Abrasion resistance and cutting resistance. Low breaking elongation and strong energy absorption capacity, so UHMWPE fiber has outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.
  • Medical grade safety. UHMWPE fiber has good biocompatibility and durability. Its high stability will not cause allergy. It has been used in clinical applications such as dental floss, dental support, etc.

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440 32-37

TM32, TM35


770 32-37

TM32, TM35


880 32-37

TM32, TM35


1760 32-37

TM32, TM35


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