Bulletproof High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Kevlar Aramid Fiber

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  • Aramid fiber is a new type of composite material. It has been used in the UD material of soft and hard body armors.
  • Aramid has ultra-high strength (>25g/D), which is 6 times that of high-quality steel with the same density, 4 times that of nylon. It’s molecules are 3 times that of high-quality steel and E-glass fiber, 2 times that of steel. But the weight is only 1/5 of that of steel.
  • Aramid fiber dose not melt. When the heating rate is 10℃/min, the decomposition temperature of aramid fiber is 427℃ – 482℃ in air and about 538℃ in nitrogen. The decomposition temperature varies with different heating rate and exposure time.
  • Aramid fibers do not shrink like other organic fibers when exposed to hot gas or hot water. Most other fibers contract irreversibly. The thermal expansion coefficient of aramid fiber in the axial direction is very small and negative.
  • Increasing the temperature will reduce the modulus, tensile strength and elongation at break of aramid fiber. This factor shall be taken into account when it is used for a long time at 149℃ – 177℃ or higher.
  • When exposed to minus 46℃, the strength and elongation of aramid fiber will not be negatively affected, and embrittlement or degradation will not occur at minus 196℃.

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