PE Full Body Protection NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Shield

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  • Lengthened size is 1400mm*500mm.
  • Light weight: ≤8kg.
  • Material is UHMWPE.
  • Attached viewing window size is 185mm*74mm.
  • Big protection area which is up to 0.7 square meter.
  • High protection level from NIJ IIIA to NIJ IV or even higher.
  • Full body protection design can help the user to defend against large-scale attacks. 
  • Customization is accepted.
  • For law enforcement, police, military, civilians use.
  • Acquired certification of ISO9001 . Ballistic test reports with authority. Product quality is guaranteed.

Product Details

Name Full Protection Ballistic Shield
Model No. FDP3AP-WD03
Material UHMWPE
Weight ≤8kg
Protection Level NIJ IIIA
Size 1400mm*500mm

Viewing window: 185mm*74mm

Protection Area 0.7m²
Structure Full body protection, viewing window. 


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