Removable Goggles Tactical Ballistic Helmet Visor

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  • Materials from the strike face respectively are 1.0 mm PC, 1.25 mm PU, 10.0 mm acrylic, 1.25 mm PU, and 8.0 mm PC.
  • Thickness is 21.50 mm which depends on the ballistic level.
  • Length is 345 mm. Height is 140 mm.
  • Light weight: 1.426kg (depends on ballistic level).
  • Ballistic level is NIJ IIIA. Customized ballistic level is accepted.
  • For law enforcement, police, military, civilians use.
  • Acquired certification of ISO9001 . Ballistic test reports with authority. Product quality is guaranteed.

Product Details

Material PC, PU, acrylic
Ballistic Level NIJ IIIA / Customized
Color Transparent
Size L: 345mm

H: 140mm

Thickness 21.50mm
Weight 1.426kg


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