Soft Ballistic Stab Resistant UHMWPE UD Fabric

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  • The UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) is one of the three high performance fibers. The UHMWPE UD fabric is used in soft and hard body armors.
  • UHMWPE UD fabric is soft, and the bulletproof effect is better than aramid. The specific impact load value U/p of UHMWPE fiber composite is 10 times that of steel and more than 2 times that of glass fiber and aramid fiber.
  • Light weight, floating in water. Its density is low, which is 0.97g/cm³.
  • Corrosion and aging resistance. Its structure is dense and has strong chemical inertia. Seawater, strong acid-base solution and organic solvent have no effect on its strength. At the same time, it has excellent weather aging resistance and UV resistance.
  • Abrasion resistance and cutting resistance. Low breaking elongation and strong energy absorption capacity, so UHMWPE fiber has outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.
  • Medical grade safety. It has good biocompatibility and durability. Its high stability will not cause allergy.
  • In military, it can be made into protective clothing, bulletproof clothing, stab proof clothing, bulletproof helmet and ect.

Product Details

UHMWPE UD fabric performance


Areal Density Ballistic Performance

Application Reference




100m/roll 160g/m²±5 28 piles, NIJ IIIA .357 SIG FMJ FN

34 piles, NIJ IIIA .44 Magnum SJHP

40 piles, 7.62×25mm LN, Chinese 54 pistol

60 piles, 7.62×25mm LN, 79 light assault rifle

Ballistic Vest

Ballistic Plate


100m/roll 130g/m²±5 32 piles, NIJ IIIA .357 SIG FMJ FN

40 piles, NIJ IIIA .44 Magnum SJHP

48 piles, 7.62×25mm LN, Chinese 54 pistol

60 piles, 7.62×25mm LN, 79 light assault rifle

Ballistic Vest


100m/roll 75g/m²±5 10 kg/m2, 7.62×25mm (steel nose), 79 light assault rifle

20 kg/m2, 7.62×39mm (steel nose), Chinese 56 assault rifle; NIJ III NATO

24 kg/m2, 7.62×54mm (steel nose), 79 sniper rifle

Ballistic Plate

Ballistic Helmet


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